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is a group of art lovers, day dreamers, free thinkers, tech heads, planners and disruptors, wordsmiths, right and left-brainers… you get the idea.

Though we’ve come a long way since our beginning, one thing that hasn’t changed is the basic values that we work to.

We are committed to providing a high quality of work across all services, focused on generating results on the back of what we do and also look to build enjoyable relationships with every single client.

As a team we’ve always been passionate about marketing and the results that can be achieved, and that will never change. Whether we act as your marketing department, are building your new website or are undertaking an SEO or social media campaign, we will remain focused on what you want to achieve in order to deliver a return on investment.

Our vision is pretty simple. Whether you are an employee, client or supplier, we want everyone involved with Hype Communications to enjoy working with Hype Communications. Yes it may sound a bit cheesy, but everything will be better if you enjoy it!

If we sound like the type of agency you want to work with then please feel free to get in touch and we will gladly discuss your plans.